Citizens of Delnice was informed about the project of improving the water-communal infrastructure in their city, financing within Swiss- Croatian Cooperation Programme

At the public presentation of the project “Water supply and wastewater of the municipality of Delnice”, the representatives of the project Komunalac-vodoopskrba i odvodnja d.o.o. Delnice and the Croatian Waters informed citizens of Delnice about the project its progress and main contribution for the city of Delnice and Gorski kotar generally.

“Delnice will finally receive a sewage collector, which means that the last settlements of Ploškovo, Vučnik, will be connected to the wastewater treatment plant, and therefore we will protect our springs and ensure to have even better drinking water.”, said Mr Ivica Knežević, the Mayor of Delnice. He added that the water supply improvement project is “truly an irreplaceable, historic, capital project which could not be realized in the next hundred years without the help of a Swiss grant.”

Water supply and wastewater improvement projects in city of Delnice and municipalities Fužinen and Brod Moravic will contribute to the groundwater protection and sustainable economic development due to fact that it will provide a better and more reliable access to public utilities to end users in the above mentioned city and municipalities.
As a result of the mentioned projects, 90% of households are estimated to be connected to the drainage system by 2020. In addition, in the agglomerations of Delnice, Fužine, Brod Moravice, the rate of drinking water loss will decrease from 52% in 2015 to 34% in 2020.