Demining of 1,7 square kilometers of the Kotar forest successfully finished

One of two components within the project “Demining and Socio-Economic Integration” successfully completed through cleaning of 1,7 square kilometers of mine suspected are of the Kotar forest in Sisak-Moslavina county.
One of the largest mine suspected area in Croatia is located near residential areas. Since 1991, there were 49 incidents involving mines, with 19 people killed and 30 suffering serious or minor injuries.
The value of the Contract is CHF 2,8 million and Croatian deminers managed to clear that areas in 39 days. A total of 3.585 explosive devices left behind after the Homeland War were found and destroyed in just 39 days. On a such small area was destroyed twice more mines than in whole Croatia in 2017, when in all actions of demining was destroyed around 1,700 mines.
This is a great success for Croatia’s model of mine clearing in relation to the size of the cleared area.
Through this component public safety and security conditions was improved as well as free and safe use and management of significant part of Kotar Forest. Now, the mine suspected area has been reduced and residents feel safe and hope that there won’t be any more incidents of that nature.
Through the next phase of project, socio-economic integration of mine victim’s will be improved.