Demining of Kotar forest within Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme

The demining of 1,8 km2 of Kotar forest in the Sisak-Moslavina county begun on 13th of August within Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme. Above mentioned area represents one of the largest mine suspected areas in the Republic of Croatia and through this project safety and security of the local population will be improved.

The amount of the Contract is HRK 18,9 million and through this contract 250 demines have been engaged to carry out demining operations.
In the first two weeks of works, deminers cleared 1,2 km2 of mine suspected area and fund more than 600 mines. Eventually, It is estimated that a total of about 1700 mines will be found in this area by the end of September 2018 when physical demining of the mine suspected area is planned to be finished. By comparison, the same amount of the mine was fund and destroyed on the entire territory of Croatia throughout the whole last year.
Through the second component of project, the socio-economic empowerment of mine victims will be performed which will help to increase employability and competitiveness of mine victims in the labour market.
It should be noted that the total value of project is more than 24million kuna and it is implemented by the Croatian Mine Act Centre as the Executing Agency and the Government Office for Demining as Intermediate Body.