First Monitoring Committee Meeting for the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme

On September 17, 2018, the 1st Monitoring Committe Meeting the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program was held at the premises of the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds.
The meeting was chaired by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds Mr Velimir Žunac, with the participation of the representatives of the bodies involved in the implementation of the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme and the representative of the Swiss partners. At the meeting, representatives of the National Coordination Unit presented the implementation of projects in accordance with the legal framework, a conclusion of the Annual Meeting held in May 2018, an overview of the activities carried out in the past period and an overview of activities for the next period.
Based on the information exchanged during the constitutive session of the Commission for Monitoring the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme, it was concluded that 2018 was successful in terms of the projects implementation.