Visible first results of the project Demining and socio-economic integration

As part of the project Demining and Socio-Economic Integration, an area of 1.76 km2 of Kotar Forest was demined and given to the Croatian forest to the management.
After finalization of this component of the project, the security of the local population who lives on this area has been increased and finally people can again use this part of Kotar forest for everyday purpose and to increase economic opportunities.

Firstly, damaged, dry and diseased trees has bee felling, since they are a source of disease for healthy trees, and having in mind that they are also source of danger for local people. In the planned part of the area, forest regeneration will start, which has not been done on these areas for almost 30 years.

Establishment of planned management and implementation of fire protection measures in this part of the Kotar forest, which is located near settlement, will enable economic productivity and biodiversity. And important as well, it will help the local population overcome the fear of mines and regain self-confidence.