Through Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme a bike riding as eco-friendly mode of transportation has been encouraged

Within the projects the NGO Block Grant and the Partnership Block Grant the bicycle racks have been given to interested beneficiaries – NGO’s and their partners – primary and high schools.

Follow up on this, on Thursday February 18th, the bicycle racks were installed in IX gymnasium Zagreb whose students are involved in the implementation of the project School Volunteer Community – a force for sustainable development financing through this Programme. The beneficiary of this project is the Volunteer Center Zagreb.

Further, additional bicycle racks will be delivered to approx. 50 other locations.

Beneficiaries and their partners included in 52 small projects within two Block Grants are carry out a series of formal and informal training programs for children and young people in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable development, environmental awareness and strengthen of sustainable development of local and social community development.

The aim of this support is to raise awareness of the Program and encourage young people for more environmentally friendly mode of transport, with the purpose of strengthening sustainable community development.

The Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme aims to improve the economic and social living conditions of the Croatian citizens. The total value of the Swiss grant is CHF 45.000.000.

The Government Office for Cooperation with NGO’s is in charge for the implementation of projects financed by two Block Grants, and the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds acts as the National Coordination Unit.