Promotional presentation of the projects „Water Supply and Wastewater of the Municipality of Delnice, Fužine and Brod Moravice“was held in Brod Moravice

On July 17, 2020 in Brod Moravice was held a promotional presentation for local citizens of the projects „Water Supply and Wastewater of the Municipality of Delnice, Fužine and Brod Moravice”, co-financed from the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Programme. Representatives of the projects, from Komunalac – vodoopskrba i odvodnja d.o.o. Brod Moravice and Croatian Waters talked to local citizens at the informal gathering in the centre of the Municipality, informing them about the project implementation progress and their importance for Brod Moravice and the entire region of Gorski Kotar.

With the implementation of the Contract on construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the water supply system in the area of ​​Brod Moravice in the value of HRK 11,330,592.68, about 10,000 meters of water pipeline profile 150 and 100 mm, respectively, were laid.

Additionally, the rehabilitation of water reservoirs and pumping stations of ​​the City of Delnice and the municipalities of Fužine and Brod Moravice have been contracted by a joint agreement, which is currently being implemented. Apart from the water supply, water protection has not been neglected. After the implementation of public procurement procedures, this area should also receive a wastewater treatment plant that would dispose of wastewater from the area of ​​Skrad and the settlements of Gornja and Donja, including Brod Moravice.

With the implementation of these activities, the water supply and wastewater system in the municipality of Brod Moravice will reach appropriate standards, secure higher quality in the water management domain and strengthen the potential for possible investments and development of the Municipality.